I remember this project and I’m happy

I remember this project and I’m happy

Thank God

Thanks to all our partners, volunteers and donors

HUE rolled out another one.

And this time; I feel good (not that I have never felt good tho ..lol). I feel like my volunteering activities is getting more strategic.

FAVID orphanage didn’t just need food, but a means to get the food

A bike was what we could afford and they really really appreciated it.

Tho this project was done about 2months ago, at my last visit there I saw the Okada and the smile on their faces ?

Hope fully we can deliver their second pressing strategic need; electricity (a generator)

So far, so good …

Like Desmond Doss (who inspired the Hanksaw ridge movie … I love this move like ghen ghen), I say one more lord, one more lord…….

HUE is working towards more strategic moves in addressing food and humanitarian issue. This year would be awesome

There are so many more opportunities on the way, we hope and love to have you on board…

Thank you Laju


BTW … have you eaten