Note to Juliet from Romeo

One in one

My love, I always thought you were one in a million
but no
you are one in a billion
which means there are only 7 of you in the world of 7 billion
and if i’m seeking another you I would have to go to
another continent

Actually now I realise that
you are special; there’s no one like you
no one looks like you
no one thinks like you
no one loves me like you do

And if i’m seeking another you,
that may have to be in another world
…. you are one in one (world)

that’s my girl 

….#holding fast to that which is good

From Romeo (in Rome)

Prep for teens career development program

I had the opportunity to meet the planning team for a career development workshop for teenagers.

This is organised by Assemblies of God and Hands on clay

The team is exciting I must say

The goal of the program is to enlighten teens on an early start to career pathfinding

All hands on deck to ensure we show the light

I’m excited, as I would be part of the facilitators

Workshop date is November 11th, 2017