Being successful and thankful

No matter what happens, Life is LG; … Life is good

Had our Monday  morning departmental meeting with Johanna, where she asked everyone to mention one major achievement of last week and one thing they are grateful for into the new week


For me, I mentioned being able to meet two of our C-levels; CMO and CIO in defining certain departmental KPI’s was a major achievement and seeing my family the week before gave me joy into the present week


When we were all done speaking, I felt good. I realised that life actually pass us by and we don’t take time to identify the things we are getting good at, life isn’t that bad that nothing good happened, and if I think well and clear enough I actually achieved something worth recognising in my life


Also important is the part of being thankful…we feel so sad to remember something nice that can make us smile. Even the poor have something to laugh about.

No matter what happens, Life is LG; Life is good