HBD – About Tochi

Happy birthday to one of the strongest woman I know

If you are part of HOPE; past, present or even future, U probably know Tochi

In this picture; Tochi and I taking a picture with the 2016 (Lagos) camper of the year;  Chineze Okafor

In 2011, just before graduation, she shared her vision with me for a camp (wanted me to be part of the team), which she called Camp Rock Faith. It was to be a gathering of teenagers for an x amount of days in a camp for leadership and personal development

… well we didn’t have the Camp Rock Faith again as we were engaged in HOPE foundation for CITY camp, where I have worked with Tochi (and many amazing people … d list cannot end) in organising more than 10 summer camps, reaching over 10,000 teenagers with Personal & leadership, entrepreneurial & National development training

Tochi, thank you for your leadership and team support. You have been a blessing

Hope to reach 100,000 more teenagers (in the shorted possible time) with you. Your focus & tenacity for result is inspiring

God bless you and Happy birthday