Reminisce, … Nuggets as I learn through life … learning differently

I have become more intentional about learning through life. Observing the process and understanding the outcome, asking more why and trying to see differently. Very importantly, I’m trying not to repeat mistakes so I’m checking loops in my life to understand what to do differently. Sometimes though, it’s not about correcting mistakes, but also improving on good works.

As I journey through this process, I’m becoming more aware that I have to do things differently, which would require me to think about things differently.

Why do I want to think differently? Because I would need to think in a certain way to act in a certain way. Then why do I want to act a certain or different way? Because I need to change or improve my outcomes …. I think I can do better.

These nuggets have been with me this year and as I keep practising them I hope to share my newly achieved outcomes too.

So here we go, nuggets below …

Nugget 1: Yearly is daily

Daily is a good predictor of yearly

This speaks more about consistency- I won’t just get to December 2019 and I can miraculously play the keyboard well. I must consistently practice.

This is applicable to areas like physical fitness goals & spiritually growth.

God should teach me to number my days …

Nugget 2: Big is small

… every mansion started with one brick.

I have had to learn that every big idea I have would need to be broken down into smaller steps.

This is applicable in areas like financial goals and personal projects.

Break down that big idea into smaller achievable goals.

It would help you have quick wins that can be an inspiration for more action.

Nugget 3: boring is good, good is boring

Now I know that I might have to do some boring stuff, and hey, boring is good if it gets me the outcome I want.

A little bit of boring won’t kill.

This is helping me in my personal development.

Nugget 4: Less is More

Now I painfully and intentionally stay out of some meetings, reduce my life goals to tangible achievable ones, basically reviewing my needs and wants to focus on what is most important to get the job done.

Most people take time in understanding this fact and this increases their productivity. We spend a lot of time doing stuff with little or no result to show (in our finance, 9–5 jobs, personal project, friendship etc).

This is applicable in work and social life.

Interestingly when I started having these thoughts, I came across two books that fuelled my energy (which I would write about later). These books brought a different paradigm to living and working and they are highly recommended for people who feel stuck with their work-life; doing so much and getting so little result.

I would end this article by showing snapshots of key contents in the book, the ideologies that are fuelling my thought process:

Life is short and mostly starts with pain, we can’t predict how we start life (the day we are born, where we are born, etc) but we have a shot at choosing how we live it (and possible end it). I think most of us have to have deep thought with ourselves, just like the prodigal son who ‘reasoned with himself’, and ask ourselves, “do I like or love my results?”. If the answer is no, then a corresponding action might be needed to change the course.

Great works would always precede great thoughts … for as a man thinketh, so is he.

I’m just trying to rethink, how to living.

I’m practising and hope to share my results/achievements soon.

Hope you have a nice time living … I would love to know what nuggets drive or inspire you…