Life’s 3 Gifts

Life’s 3 Gifts


Life would present us with 3 gifts/ opportunities and we’ll do well to experience them fully.


As our faces differ, so do our environment, generation and education. These experiences have resulted in the kind of opportunities we encounter. Regardless of these differences, life would present us with 3 opportunities, which would come at different stages and are instrumental to who we are and what we do.


When life brings these opportunities, it is important to seize it and make hay while the sun shines.


In no particular order;


  1. Love. 

We will all have a chance at love. Despite how much hatred is consuming the world, we would all be presented with the opportunity to love and be loved. 


Each person would have the opportunity to offer their heart to someone or receive the heart of another.


Some would be fortunate enough to experience it early in life, some others would experience it late … but, we all would. Some easier than others, while some others would have to fight for love.


Love is everywhere, with the young, the old, the bound & the free, even happy men, unhappy teenagers, the rich- everyone, from every walk of life.


Unfortunately, some would recognize the opportunity to love after it’s gone


Undoubtedly, there would be bittersweet experiences, but it is proof that love existed in your life…and just as you are about to give up on love, I hope it catches you when you fall


…when you find love (or if it has found you), do what the bible says; hold fast to that which is good – 1 Thess 5:21 even as you guard your heart with all diligence – Pr 4 : 23


  1. Friendships
    The world can sometimes be lonely. But not to the extent of being without a friend.


We would all have the opportunity to experience and build friendships, whether lifelong or short term.


Life can be difficult, I know (I even have some form of personal data to show that …lol. Story for another day). But I believe life would present us with people, who would understand us enough to support and be available for us in our times of need. 


I think we would all enjoy the gift of friendship; someone/people to share the joyful experiences of life with, as you gist and laugh out loud (literally). We would also have someone we would share our pain with and when it’s time to cry, we do it together as passionately as we shared laughter.


Some friendships won’t last forever- and that is okay.
They’ve played their part.
Likewise, some friendship would follow us to the end of time


There would be times of loneliness, but very rarely would you see a man/woman who has not experienced (true) friendship (we would all know a friend)


If you have a friend, it’s a gift…keep it. If you value the friendship, fight for it, bless it, forgive and keep the friendship moving (Pr 27:10 – Forsake not your friend)


Not everyone might have the privilege of being a part of a family (due to wars, death, etc). But we would all have a chance at friendship.


Again…when you find a friend (or if you have found a friend), do what the bible says; hold fast to that which is good – 1 Thess 5:21 even as you guard your heart with all diligence – Pr 4 : 23


Woe to him that is alone (Eccl 4:10)


  1. Mentor/leader/example

As we journey through life, we would meet people who have gone ahead of us in our desired fields. They might be younger or older than we are, or maybe even speak a different language.. But you recognize some form of leadership and exemplary lifestyle in them.


Their courage to face their fears and dare the impossible provides an example for you to emulate.


The gift of a mentor/leader/example is very important because in life we would make mistakes and sometimes fail. Watching the ‘mentor’ succeed gives us the strength to keep on trying. 


We all would meet these people and engage with them at different levels. Some would be personal, some would be professional. Some would be for a short while and others would be for a long time


This life’s gift is an opportunity to live again, to tell yourself that life is worth living for and no matter how many times I fall, I can stand because it’s possible to


Life is sometimes hard, as we are all aware, but along the path of life, we meet people who would show us the way. When you meet them, respect them, honour them, be humble and learn


Again…when you find an example (or if you have found an example), do what the bible says; … hold fast to that which is good – 1 Thess 5:21 even as you guard your heart with all diligence – Pr 4 : 23


With our different life experiences, I believe we all would have a chance in love, friendship and mentorship – make good use of the opportunity


Cheers (and tables )

I want to, but can’t … to

I want to, but can’t … to


I think about you every day

I think about you every time


I want to walk with you

I want to work with you

I want to spend every time I have with you


I want to look at you

Stare into your gorgeous eyes

And tell you how beautiful you are

As I hold your hands and our forehead give a kiss


I want to cuddle you

As you feel safe in my hands

And know that if the world should end today

At least we ended it together


To know that though the future is unknown

Both of us are known


I want to make you laugh all-day

As you crack me up all-day

And we deceive ourselves that life is all la Vida Loca


I want to sing to you with my voice in training voice 

As you dance to my tune with your dancing skills


While I cook for you

You make your bead


While you slay

I use my X to shoot my shot

To keep the record of your beautiful face


We would take the train

Walk under my umbrella

Stroll the walkway

While talking about shenanigan


I think I just want to make you happy


These and more I want to do with and for you


… but think I can’t

*Thoughts of a thoughtless*