Success is intentional 

Life is really a journey, and as I take it I try to learn from the previous year to improve the next.

Here is a short journey on my year planning experience from 2018 – 2020

2018 for me saw a start to intentional success. Prior to that year, I had always made yearly plans but this time, I intended to give it a drive. I decided to make the year about decisions.

You have planned enough, time to make decisions.

The most difficult thing is the decision to act, the rest is merely tenacity. The fears are paper tigers. You can do anything you decide to do. You can act to change and control your life; and the procedure, the process is its own reward. Amelia Earhart

I guess we are about 1-3 decisions away from our goal/dream. Think about it well, a decision you made in the past has resulted in what you experience in the future (the person you dated, the program you studied, the investment you made, etc). I realised that if I really wanted to see better life outcomes, I needed to make decisions.


Changing the narrative from 2018 plans to 2018 decisions, I made it simpler to comprehend. I listed the 7 most important areas in my life, then the top 3 decisions to make in each area (come to think of it, 7 was probably too much for me at that time).


The truth is this – many of us want outcomes in areas we have not made a decision yet, but what we need to realise is that the bigger our desired outcome, the bigger the decision (I’m still learning on decisions though).


Sometimes we are scared of making a decision. In the process of making decisions, I learnt a simple framework I believed help me: OPPORTUNITY vs RISK (would speak more later).

I learnt from the decision model and found areas to improve for 2019, would share the insight and transformation later.

Here’s your takeaway – in 2020, you need to make a decision(s). What to start, what to stop, …

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing. Theodore Roosevelt

Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen. Ralph Waldo Emerson

You write your life story by the choices you make. You never know if they have been a mistake. Those moments of decision are so difficult. Helen Mirren

*Next is 2019


My moments and life at Softcom


A place where we go to get work done.

Interestingly, I’m trying to observe my life at work to discover what other non-work related activities can happen at work. I work at Softcom Nigeria; your “typical” tech firm.

A lot of work gets done at Softcom. I focus on Business performance/intelligence management – the science behind the art that makes things work. If I’m honest, it’s a lot of work, but more than work, I’m curious to live in the moment; capturing good times and adventures as I journey through to get work done. While I will love to share details of the work I do, in this write-up, I will be focusing on the life part of work. (too much mention of ‘work’ 👀)

I’m beginning to see work as not just “work” but actually a means of livelihood and so, I’m observing and documenting my work-life experiences as the days go. I am not going to be giving you some business jargon here, no dy/dx = f'(x) + g'(x) etc. I will just be capturing the moments of fun, learning and interactions (exciting times with exciting people) at work

So in no order of priority, join me as I take you through a journey of some back-to-back moments of June/July 2019. I am writing about these two months because a lot happened at the same time. So let’s start


The start of the story for me was at the Softcom Leadership Programme. The program was designed to equip us with knowledge and skill for effective leadership. Of course, before you lead others, you first have to know who you are. I can say that I know who I am. But well, every day is an opportunity to learn, and it helps to know a little more about myself. We performed a self-assessment activity, and here was my result (I couldn’t agree more).

Primary Area
Secondary area


Exciting! At work, we encourage teams to have bonding activities, and this trip made me understand the importance. We didn’t do much sightseeing, but we did a lot of breaking the ice, removing tension, bringing familiarity, fostering connection, understanding emotions, understanding personality and building relationship.

Once in a while, I look back and think about this trip, and it brings a good feeling. I am delighted that we did it!

The photo collage below shows some of the beautiful experiences I was able to capture.

First Chaw
David and I arrived first
The team (CEO’s Office)
Awesome guy, baby boy for life, most dressed, never to be caught unfresh!
Helps with improving and communicating our brand identity
Tumi Tu-you (it’s up to us to make the world a better place). #IJGB
Helps with our corporate strategy – we have to WIN!
The organiser … keeping things moving one calendar at a time.
  Dinner with Yomi
On Yomi’s first night, he took us out for a rooftop dinner. We all played a very simple game
We stayed at the Kempinshi Hotel
Oh! Yes! Attended a Miss Ghana event 🙂
TBH, I think Ghana’s Suya is better than Nigeria’s 🙁


Although this event was work-related, it’s added to this column because it’s a different type of work, not coding but learning.

In a bid to develop products and programs of immense value for our customers, the team went on a trip to Ondo State; a community in Igbobini. The goal was to engage the stakeholders in understanding their needs, culture, lifestyle and economy because knowledge of people + product = value (I would stop the gist here, wait for the movie)

For me, this trip was an eye-opener as I was able to see my country with a different lens. Meeting and interacting with people who had completely different growing up experiences and economic conditions from mine opened my knowledge to a world beyond what I knew.

The pictures below capture the experience.

Igbobini is 3 hours from Akure. On our way back, we had to stop for some pictures. I mean, the sky was clear, the landscape was beautiful, we couldn’t let nature and opportunity pass us by.
I added the picture here because it’s a typical Softcom way,


Nice, I like this one too. I was privileged to join the team in receiving an award on behalf of Softcom at the “Great Place to Work” event in Lagos, Nigeria.
Team: Ope (Eyowo, product leader; Omo, People Manager; Teju, People …; Chika, People …; and Me)


The season ended with other cool events:

  1. Tomisin’s baby’s naming ceremony
  2. Owambe: Abiola’s wedding
  3. Celebration of Softcomers leaving Softcom for Masters: For me, this was emotional because, for most of them, I knew their first day (and I worked closely with them at different points). Ore, Deola, Semipe, Ola, Fisayo, (I think I would write about them some other time. There is so much to share that I am personally proud of)

Watch this space for more gists about my Softcom Experience.

A Nigerian resolve and a new sense of HOPE … #EndSars

A taste of hope. Revolution at last

Then a taste of disappointment. Which kain thing be dis?

A quick summary of my initial thought and feelings from the 2020 #EndSars protest

As I reminisce on the past few weeks of the #EndSars protest

My mind, spirit and body were filled with euphoria during the heat of the action

Never before have I seen what I saw, heard what I heard and felt what I felt

For the first time in a long or no time, we were Nigerians

We stood for one cause

No difference in tribes, religions, cultures, genders … just one people, one country and one nation, in unity for one goal

A new identity of Nigerian(ness) was revealed to me

We sang songs of hope together, defended one another, gave together and prayed together

… It indeed felt like there was solidarity, a revolution and it gave hope that we were at the break of a new dawn …

All these until the gunshots led to a bleeding flag and just when you thought the government would respond in empathy … we got a broken heart

The feelings change in a couple of hours

Feelings of fear for the future, failure as a youth, distrust in the leadership and a deep sense of hopelessness

Could it be this? 

Could we be done for good as a country? 

Should we pack our bags and leave because the leaders have refused to leave?

I must say, there was a deep feeling of fear and hopelessness

But then, there was a second thought… I think we would win, and I think I know how we can

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” – Isaac Newton

The wrong action towards us is creating a chain reaction in our minds and hearts

Now we see the light, that there is hope, not in them, but in us

That there is truth, not in them, but in us

That there is love, not in them, but in us

That this event has revealed the love we have for one another;

The resolve to stand in the face of danger and to solve our problems

We would use this new found light to prepare

Prepare quietly, build our muscles, strengthen our resolve, sharpen our mind, ignite our spirit, work hard and when it’s time – we strike

This Maserati video explains it all (please click the link below)

We wait until they get sleepy

We wait until they get so big they can barely move

Then we walk out of the shadows

Quietly walk out of the dark, and then, we STRIKE

Peace and Unity

To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign. 

POEMS of a new dawn! #EndSars

Despite the reality, this I believe

A sense of HOPE

I believe leaders are arising and some have risen

I believe faith has come and more hope is coming

I believe the blind are seeing and the deaf have heard

I believe the weak are strengthening and the timing are toughening

I believe the wishers are planning and the dull are sharpening

I believe the lazy are working and the doubters believing

I believe fire has been kindled and many have been rekindled

I believe soon, very soon, the change would come

Because the (change) makers have vexed, and have chosen to act

I believe soon, very soon ‘pepper go rest’ and we would strike

When we strike we would win because we have prepared, organised and planned

I believe #ThisIsIt, lets #MakeItCount

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A HOPEful message #EndSars

Letter to the HOPE community


Good day.

The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster for us as citizens of Nigeria.

It’s only fair that I ask how you’re doing amidst all this.  How are you and hope you are keeping safe?

In the past two weeks, we have seen ourselves collectively swing between hope and despair.

While it’s easier to hold on to despair, erase the past from our minds and move on with the future while planning for a means of ‘escape’ if you will permit, can I play devil’s advocate and preach hope?

Hope is within you. Just like love, faith and resilience.

They are within you, and nobody has the power to snuff it out except you give them the power.

So in this message, I want to remind you that you’re strong enough to hold on to hope despite the circumstances.

The doggedness that has brought us this far is still strong enough to take us further.

Like never before we stood together as one Nigeria; with one culture, one religion, and one tribe for one hope.

What I have seen in the past few weeks is hope to me.

So, believe it and hold on tightly to it. Give no one the power to snuff out the light of your hope.

Stay safe (mind & body) and stay HOPEful.

Remi Ademiju,

Executive Director

Seven life lessons I learnt from photography

Go to the ant … learn – Baba Solomon (Pr 6:6)

It’s amazing how we can go through life and our experiences teach us stuffs about life. Here’s what I learn from taking (Phone) photography

I got an iPhone X mid-2019, and there is something about the iPhone that makes you want to get all the beautiful scenes and capture every moment. So okay, the iPhone was a significant trigger for me in beginning my phone photography journey. Soon after taking a few (lots of) photographs, my skills were improving, and I got some fist bumps or chopped knuckles (depending on your motherland *winks*) from people saying my pictures looked really good.

The more I kept taking pictures, the more I saw a correlation with life and realised that you could apply some photography principles to your life and live a productive and happy life.

You know when you hear, “picture the kind of life you want to live,” well I think these lessons can help you create the ‘perfect’ life picture.

1. It’s all about perspective

The idea of perspective was probably the first thing I learnt when I began photography. Life is perspective. I could look at almost any image and just by changing my point of view and positioning my hand to the right place, that ordinary image looks good.

Many of the beautiful pictures we see today were all about perspective. There were just ordinary images until the photographer looked from a different angle and asked: “is it a 6 or a 9?”

Same for our lives, people who made their lives beautiful once lived ordinary lives and decided to look at life from another perspective. They learnt from their mistakes (because everybody makes mistakes), they understood their weaknesses as strength and made a profit from their pain. They changed their perspective to life and added that “extra” to their ordinary life, making it extraordinary.

If you’re wondering what I mean by “miracle”, it’s simple: a miracle is a shift in perspective from fear to love.

Gabrielle Bernstein


From a motivation perspective, helping others enriches the meaning and purpose of our own lives, showing us that our contributions matter and energising us to work harder, longer, and smarter.

– Adam Grant

Beach Tarkwa Bay
Taken at Tarkwa Bay

car phone picture steering
This is actually my car steering


2. Get some light

Light is key! When there is light, there is hope for a beautiful picture. Have you ever wondered why some of the most beautiful photographs look so bright and colourful? Well, it’s all about lighting.

I learnt to take advantage of the light. When I see a bright day, I know it is an opportunity for a sweet photograph. Even in the studio, photographers would always bring extra light, and you will hear … “the picture was awesome because there was light.”

Same for our lives, if we can only take advantage of those small “light” opportunities that come our way and choose to bring our light (like knowledge – the best light: ask questions, read etc.), we would brightly see our lives. Most importantly, the beauty of light is that it brings good energy to our lives (just like it does to pictures).

Radio picture
This is an old Radio. The picture was taken at my office

Kayak at a beach
Taken from a Kayak at a beach, Lagos Nigeria



3. Learn from the dark

This point might seem contradictory to the second point, but well, it is equally important. I observed that black brings beauty in photography.

Black has an extraordinary power of enhancing the definition of an image. When there is a dark environment with a small ray of light or you edit a picture, and you enhance the dark spots, the image would be great.

I like this lesson because it makes me recognise my weaknesses and take advantage of them. I realise that my shortcomings and disabilities can work in my favour, that through discipline and dedication, I can spin things around so that they begin to enhance my future identity instead of bringing me down.

… to do this effectively, you need to be aware of yourself, understand your situation and trigger some inner happiness (because hey, you are about to turn the impossible to possible in your life – you need these things, so you can see the beauty in your ashes)

 Palm Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai
Street of Dubai. Taken from the Palm Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai

Softcom + office
A Vase, taken at my office


4. Learn to focus

The focus might not apply so much to phone photography (because you can’t entirely manipulate the settings), but in all forms of picture taking, the FOCUS conversation doesn’t get old. If you use a high-end phone like the latest iPhone or SAMSUNG, you will get a feel of the focus setting.

FOCUS: an image can’t be distracted. To take the best picture of an image, you have to decide on letting go of somethings, things by the side and at the back of the image.

Focus is a continuous life decision for most of us. We live in a very distracted world which makes it difficult for us to see the things matter. We need our shift our gaze from the distractions, dive deep on what we need and focus on the essential things in our lives.

Focus requires tradeoffs in life, at different stages in life. Everything is important, but not a priority

Farm + Ogun state
Taken from my dad’s farm in Ogun state

Palm Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai
Taken at the entrance of the Palm Jumeirah Hotel, Dubai



5. You will get it wrong sometimes, many times…

Trust me, for everyone beautiful image you see, there were many imperfect ones. I would take ten shots of one image and end up deleting 8 or just using 1. Imagine if I now took just one imperfect photograph, what will I have to post?

The same applies to life, there will be so many things that we might try to do, and they won’t work out the first time, second, third, fourth and depending on our capacity, situation or opportunity till the Tenth time before we succeed. When we see successful people, trust me many of them failed many times for succeeding. We only saw them on stage, we never saw their failures.

It doesn’t mean that nothing will work out; it only implies that we should keep trying until we get it right … Don’t be scared to fail. Don’t run from success because you are scared to fail

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. – Wayne Gretzky.


Softcom + office
Flower picture. Taken at my office

Farm + Ogun state
Taken from my dad’s farm in Ogun state

6. Follow your curiosity

This point is an extra, but still valid. Sometimes I see a view, and I’m just curious as to what beautiful image I can make from this and when I act out on my curiosity, it is indeed a beautiful image (actually not all the time though, but it was worth the shot because I had nothing to lose).

Curiosity is all about asking questions and trying various options to find an answer. In life, sometimes, let your curiosity lead you to explore and try out new opportunities. You will be amazed at the results of your trial.

(I plan to write later on Moses and the burning bush – one of the greatest curiosity moment in history)

“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.”

Albert Einstein

Office chair
This is actually a chair 🙂 … taken from an office

Lagos + blue sky
The blue Lagos sky 🙂



7. Be the director

This is the last ingredient to this collection, and I must confess I got this online along time ago. I google how to take good pictures and one article said “be the director”

What does this mean? You know when someone says take me a picture and they just stand. Most of the time the photographer is as good as the model, you need to tell the person how to pose, where to look, how to look, what to hold, where to stay etc

Most people don’t know how to pose and if you want to take a good picture you need to tell them how to.

Same with life. You are the person behind the camera. You determine every photograph that you take. You make every decision and take ownership of your every action. Always be in charge of your life!

Let’s give this one for Tara 🙂   Actually Tara can direct too … she direct small here *winks*




























I’m sharing all these so that we know that most times, those fantastic photographs that we see, the photographers just followed simple principles of perspective, light, focus etc. and this is the same for life. Just follow the simple principles and watch your life become a beautiful photograph.

Where is my change

“Conductor, abeg give me my change, where is my change?”.

I sat in the Danfo bus listening to so many echoes of the same sentence. It wasn’t an unfamiliar sound. I hear this same change request every time, and sometimes, I am even one of the requesters. Once, I had witnessed a fight where the passenger and the Conductor exchanged abusive words and soon got into a physical altercation because of change.

Passers-by were quick to interrupt their fight, and I kid you not, this fight was for a 50 naira change. Wow! Well, the passenger ended up collecting his well-deserved 50 naira change from the Conductor, and everyone was happy.

While I would not like to overlook the essence of a 50 naira note in changing the life of a person, I cannot but ponder on how much we keep fighting for the wrong change. There are more important things to fight for that can rid the Conductor’s chances of not giving you your change in the bus like; how you can fight to change the transportation system or fight for the transformation of the roads or maybe even how so many public resources can be maintained or yes, fight for how we can use our resources to transform the nation, Nigeria. What about the level of corruption in the country, is that not something you can fight to change?

But beyond all these many changes, we can fight for a change that begins with us; a change that we can influence in our little way. Like changing how we dump refuse on the road or changing how we treat people or even changing how we do things on our job. Remember that to begin a revolutionary movement takes just one man. Start the revolution today.

Seeing my fellow Lagosians / Nigerians fight for their 50 naira change on the street with so much passion and defence for their dignity (U no fit cheat me, give me my change oga) showed me that we have fighters in Nigeria, they just need the right leadership to direct them to the right change to fit for

And yes, the conductors should stop hoarding our changes too.

Like the first line of the national anthem says “Arise, O Compatriots.” Let’s arise! The change starts with us.

Happy Independence Day.


Life’s 3 Gifts

Life’s 3 Gifts


Life would present us with 3 gifts/ opportunities and we’ll do well to experience them fully.


As our faces differ, so do our environment, generation and education. These experiences have resulted in the kind of opportunities we encounter. Regardless of these differences, life would present us with 3 opportunities, which would come at different stages and are instrumental to who we are and what we do.


When life brings these opportunities, it is important to seize it and make hay while the sun shines.


In no particular order;


  1. Love. 

We will all have a chance at love. Despite how much hatred is consuming the world, we would all be presented with the opportunity to love and be loved. 


Each person would have the opportunity to offer their heart to someone or receive the heart of another.


Some would be fortunate enough to experience it early in life, some others would experience it late … but, we all would. Some easier than others, while some others would have to fight for love.


Love is everywhere, with the young, the old, the bound & the free, even happy men, unhappy teenagers, the rich- everyone, from every walk of life.


Unfortunately, some would recognize the opportunity to love after it’s gone


Undoubtedly, there would be bittersweet experiences, but it is proof that love existed in your life…and just as you are about to give up on love, I hope it catches you when you fall


…when you find love (or if it has found you), do what the bible says; hold fast to that which is good – 1 Thess 5:21 even as you guard your heart with all diligence – Pr 4 : 23


  1. Friendships
    The world can sometimes be lonely. But not to the extent of being without a friend.


We would all have the opportunity to experience and build friendships, whether lifelong or short term.


Life can be difficult, I know (I even have some form of personal data to show that …lol. Story for another day). But I believe life would present us with people, who would understand us enough to support and be available for us in our times of need. 


I think we would all enjoy the gift of friendship; someone/people to share the joyful experiences of life with, as you gist and laugh out loud (literally). We would also have someone we would share our pain with and when it’s time to cry, we do it together as passionately as we shared laughter.


Some friendships won’t last forever- and that is okay.
They’ve played their part.
Likewise, some friendship would follow us to the end of time


There would be times of loneliness, but very rarely would you see a man/woman who has not experienced (true) friendship (we would all know a friend)


If you have a friend, it’s a gift…keep it. If you value the friendship, fight for it, bless it, forgive and keep the friendship moving (Pr 27:10 – Forsake not your friend)


Not everyone might have the privilege of being a part of a family (due to wars, death, etc). But we would all have a chance at friendship.


Again…when you find a friend (or if you have found a friend), do what the bible says; hold fast to that which is good – 1 Thess 5:21 even as you guard your heart with all diligence – Pr 4 : 23


Woe to him that is alone (Eccl 4:10)


  1. Mentor/leader/example

As we journey through life, we would meet people who have gone ahead of us in our desired fields. They might be younger or older than we are, or maybe even speak a different language.. But you recognize some form of leadership and exemplary lifestyle in them.


Their courage to face their fears and dare the impossible provides an example for you to emulate.


The gift of a mentor/leader/example is very important because in life we would make mistakes and sometimes fail. Watching the ‘mentor’ succeed gives us the strength to keep on trying. 


We all would meet these people and engage with them at different levels. Some would be personal, some would be professional. Some would be for a short while and others would be for a long time


This life’s gift is an opportunity to live again, to tell yourself that life is worth living for and no matter how many times I fall, I can stand because it’s possible to


Life is sometimes hard, as we are all aware, but along the path of life, we meet people who would show us the way. When you meet them, respect them, honour them, be humble and learn


Again…when you find an example (or if you have found an example), do what the bible says; … hold fast to that which is good – 1 Thess 5:21 even as you guard your heart with all diligence – Pr 4 : 23


With our different life experiences, I believe we all would have a chance in love, friendship and mentorship – make good use of the opportunity


Cheers (and tables )

I want to, but can’t … to

I want to, but can’t … to


I think about you every day

I think about you every time


I want to walk with you

I want to work with you

I want to spend every time I have with you


I want to look at you

Stare into your gorgeous eyes

And tell you how beautiful you are

As I hold your hands and our forehead give a kiss


I want to cuddle you

As you feel safe in my hands

And know that if the world should end today

At least we ended it together


To know that though the future is unknown

Both of us are known


I want to make you laugh all-day

As you crack me up all-day

And we deceive ourselves that life is all la Vida Loca


I want to sing to you with my voice in training voice 

As you dance to my tune with your dancing skills


While I cook for you

You make your bead


While you slay

I use my X to shoot my shot

To keep the record of your beautiful face


We would take the train

Walk under my umbrella

Stroll the walkway

While talking about shenanigan


I think I just want to make you happy


These and more I want to do with and for you


… but think I can’t

*Thoughts of a thoughtless*

Nigeria; leave or stay

Nigeria; leave or stay

For most of us, the question to leave or stay lingers in our minds. It’s a valid question that has kept me thinking for a while. #japa

The thing is, I’m quite passionate about creating the African narrative (starting with my dear country Nigeria), creating value for her people that can improve the standard of living and I know that all these won’t be possible without the African. Which is why I wonder who will do all the work if we all leave. But I then wear my objective hat, try to think deep to analyse the situation and this is what I conclude on

My 2 cents to the topic

Building a successful society is all about 2 types of people — excellent contributors and excellent leaders

Firstly, let’s talk about the Excellent contributors

Remi AdemijuI think every organisation and economy would always have team members (or players) and individual contributors. It’s important to note that these people think differently.

Individual contributors show strong loyalty to their talents & gift, over a place. They are very concerned about doing an excellent job (anywhere). Excellence drives them and they can only thrive in an environment where the platform and opportunity to express and grow is; hence they have to leave Nigeria for a better platform to do better work

Such kind of people tend to be very skilled, technically sound and deeply intellectually inclined to science, art and commerce (to mention a few)

For example, there are scientists working day and night to find a cure for cancer. They are not concerned whether it’s China, US or Kenya that finds the cure. They believe they are intellectually savvy to research the hell (or heaven 🙂 ) out of the lab to find a cure. This is their motivation

It’s actually fine if these people leave. Their excellent contribution to the world in their industry (Music, Technology, etc) would have a global impact (iPhone, the invention of new medicines, etc) to the world (we Nigerian ends up still benefiting from)

* These individual contributors cannot thrive in a bad environment that cannot give them an opportunity to create value. Hence they would be liabilities than assets if they stay in Nigeria (especially if the enabling environment isn’t there, such as a state of the art space ship, which we don’t have in Nigeria for now — but you can go work for Tesla in the USA and innovate on the space ship while making your contribution to human travel to space)

On the flip side of the coin, we have excellent leaders

These leaders are Outliers which makes them different from the norm and this is where I might have a concern. These outliers are not individual contributors. They are leaders, not just of people, but of narratives, of ideologies and of ideas for the country.

Excellent leaders don’t really have the skills set of excellent contributors. They might not have the scientific mind to create a vaccine for the medical breakthrough or strong vocals to make a 10,000 audience move to the beat but one thing they can do well is to influence the people, direct them to a common vision, for a commonwealth.

Excellent leaders have the tenacity to wait through the weight. To speak for the voiceless, see for the blind and walk with the people to a place of safety. Because of their love for a place, they are committed to creating and driving a narrative in their Universities, Communities, Associations and Nation.

To them, life could be all about God and Country

So where is my concern: this is when the leaders think they are individual contributors and decide to leave and not come back. In the case of the individual contributors who could be a liability if they stay, these outliers would be a liability if they leave.

We need them to stay and take the lead in creating the enabling environment through policies, the establishment of right institutions and entrepreneurial evangelism.

Woe to a country without right or committed leaders

An addition. I have a strong recommendation for the Excellent leaders. In as much as they would be required to stay and show the light, their desire to lead is directly proportional to their capacity to lead

So here is my recommendation, if you can (and I think you should) travel out. There is a certain level of excellence that is left to the adventure of exposure. Travel, experience and come implement (in Government, Media, Religion, Technology, Education, Commerce etc)

I have realised that almost every notable Nigerian who had or has a relevant National impact in the County had at least one international exposure experience.; Fela Kuti (Music). Enoch Adeboye (Religion). Nnamdi Azikiwe (Government) — they all went abroad at some point to get the knowledge to be exemplary leaders in their own field, to their own audience

Like Jack Ma who went to the US and experienced the internet for the first time then returned to China to create and lead an internet revolution (which resulted to the economic value that now competes with the US). The outliers too should return, … and return on time

To stay or not to stay all depends on who you are, AN EXCELLENT LEADER (then come back if you have gone, and stay) or AN EXCELLENT CONTRIBUTOR (biko leave, you would create value that could impact us here)


Hope with these few points of mine I have been able to make some sense

Would love to hear your thoughts

*My thought on the subject was inspired by the subject’s question to me from madam president @kemionabanjo @kemionobanjo 🙌 (Iron Sharpens Iron indeed)