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How I spent my last holiday

I remember writing this essay in primary school and scoring low grades because my holidays were always dry (like sahara …lol) ; washing plate, cutting grass, …(and some other shenanigans ‘yuke’), playing football all day (this part wasn’t dry but ‘dope’??) – story for another day.

>>> fast forward. For this holiday I got to spend a significant period with my family @haveyoueatenng.

We visited FAVID orphanage (for children with special needs). Their mental disability showed their smiling ability (check our that cute smile ).

Our mission was one; SHOW LOVE.

We left there with one mission; to return with more LOVE; to donate to them a motorcycle (some call it okada  ).

They need to find a way to transport welfare materials from town to their home.

A bus would be more appropriate, but let’s start where our power reach? .

FAVID needs a motorcycle, let’s do this for FAVID

Join me in writing a LOVE story, join me in donating to FAVID, join me in putting FAVID ON WHEELS

Make a donation today …DM me if u want to put David on wheels …
…. now my essays would …. Lolol

It was an Amazing time indeed

I have read about Helen Keller, the woman who lived being blind, deaf and dumb. I never meant anyone close to this description until I went with one of my team The Have You Eaten Foundation; to FAVID HOME for disabled children. (Thanks Laju Iren for the opportunity).

I met children; blind, deaf, lack of speech, and some with 3 in 1 most with mental disability making them incapable of expressing themselves, brought there by family members, some abandoned and brought by the police.

Although this was my second experience on an outreach like this. with the foundation. But this home moved me. Sometimes I think I have passion for humanity, until I meet some people with proven results and I realise I’m just a learner in this ‘business’ (well the young shall grow).

When we got there, to my surprise we meant everybody, seating outside waiting for us ….. With very limited resources; the founder of this home has focused on his vision (given to him by God), to help the helpless. He has consistently cared and trained children with mental and physical disability for about 20 years for free in his own home giving them academic and technical training also.

The part that really moved me, was when he took us to the building still in construction; which is being designed as a school to train the children, whether, blind, deaf, lame or physical disabled, All trainings would be on technical area (and for free).

We gave food items, money and made prayers.
But the work is not over, we are definitely going back to give some more (you can join us in this).

With very limited resources he and his family (his wife must be awesome) support these Children.
Nobody pays him, he was even smiling while taking us round ….

“If there’s something wrong, those who have the ability to take action have the responsibility to take action.”

I remember this project and I’m happy

I remember this project and I’m happy

Thank God

Thanks to all our partners, volunteers and donors

HUE rolled out another one.

And this time; I feel good (not that I have never felt good tho ..lol). I feel like my volunteering activities is getting more strategic.

FAVID orphanage didn’t just need food, but a means to get the food

A bike was what we could afford and they really really appreciated it.

Tho this project was done about 2months ago, at my last visit there I saw the Okada and the smile on their faces ?

Hope fully we can deliver their second pressing strategic need; electricity (a generator)

So far, so good …

Like Desmond Doss (who inspired the Hanksaw ridge movie … I love this move like ghen ghen), I say one more lord, one more lord…….

HUE is working towards more strategic moves in addressing food and humanitarian issue. This year would be awesome

There are so many more opportunities on the way, we hope and love to have you on board…

Thank you Laju


BTW … have you eaten