A HOPEful message #EndSars

Letter to the HOPE community


Good day.

The past few weeks have been a rollercoaster for us as citizens of Nigeria.

It’s only fair that I ask how you’re doing amidst all this.  How are you and hope you are keeping safe?

In the past two weeks, we have seen ourselves collectively swing between hope and despair.

While it’s easier to hold on to despair, erase the past from our minds and move on with the future while planning for a means of ‘escape’ if you will permit, can I play devil’s advocate and preach hope?

Hope is within you. Just like love, faith and resilience.

They are within you, and nobody has the power to snuff it out except you give them the power.

So in this message, I want to remind you that you’re strong enough to hold on to hope despite the circumstances.

The doggedness that has brought us this far is still strong enough to take us further.

Like never before we stood together as one Nigeria; with one culture, one religion, and one tribe for one hope.

What I have seen in the past few weeks is hope to me.

So, believe it and hold on tightly to it. Give no one the power to snuff out the light of your hope.

Stay safe (mind & body) and stay HOPEful.

Remi Ademiju,

Executive Director

hope foundation

My HOPE interview with 1nebody

I recently had an interview with 1nebody

The interview focused on the operational side with HOPE foundation where I volunteer as the deputy director of operations

You can read all about it here; https://wp.me/p96bsQ-lB

Thanks for the interview @1nebody
Thanks @hopefoundation0 ; Amazing volunteers, Amazing team, Amazing result ….. I always love talking about our work at @hopefoundation0
There is still more work to do for society #socialentrepreneurship #eaglesonamission



HOPE meeting

50% of the Nigerians are below the age of 18.

This generation of young people are called by society ‘THE LEADERS OF TOMORROW’

This connotes that over 80 million Nigerians today are expected to take up leadership positions in all spheres of society to build it up and uphold the legacy #FutureLeaders.

But it saddens me that these future leaders are not taught on leadership, they may most like not come close to anything called leadership or experience leadership until they become ‘the leaders’ – what an error; not teaching someone accounting and you expect him to some how miraculously account with excellence #Wash.

So I wonder, if the leaders of tomorrow are not aware of leadership, what would happen to our society tomorrow? What kind of leaders would they be? what kind of society would we have?

TEACH leadership and you inevitably create a RESPONSIBLE society.
Leadership is the most vital part of formal education. Else we give power without wisdom.

Femi Taiwo and I were so excited to meet Anjore at the international education exhibition by Knowledge station international. She is a 2014 participant of the C.I.T.Y summer leadership camp by HOPE-Helping Other People Excel. Anjore came for the summer camp and got inspire about leadership. She went to her school applied what she was taught, ran an election campaign for the position of Head girl and won.
Anjore is building her dreams, sorting quality education in becoming a better leader.
We are proud of our Alumnus; her parents are proud and also her school.

Volunteer, Donate, Participate this year
#H.O.P.E foundation
— with Femi Taiwo.