DREAMS by E.A. Adeboye

I once came across a write-up in open heavens devotional by Pastor E.A Adeboye.

It wasn’t about holiness (l0l), but about dreams.

His writing was on point

“What are your dreams? 
Dreams are the driving force behind greatness. 
Greatness involves dreaming big.

The most distinguishable difference between small or unsuccessful people and great or successful people is that great people are motivated by dreams which are beyond their capacity to fulfill. 

Though out of their reach, they believe that if they work hard enough, they will someday hold their dreams in their hands. 

Dreams motivate you into action. What you see in your dream, you become. 
Unsuccessful people are motivated by today. They are not “tomorrow thinker.
“Who are you? Are you a today or tomorrow thinker? 
Vision and dreams are the sure path of greatness”.
PASTOR E. A. ADEBOYE (Open Heavens 2014, August 7)

Small Things That Make Big Difference by Remi Ademiju

This was a presentation I made on a Whatsapp knowledge sharing platform called the opportunity.

I really hope you read and enjoy …. here we go

It gives me great privilege to speak (or write) to you today, on this amazing platform called the opportunity.

Let me start with some thanks giving. I thank Pst Mercy for this opportunity and the entire team for a job well done. It’s being GOOD, because it’s being GOD; so, I thank my bros J (Jesus).


Seriously does this even work, I’m not too much of a fan of big things (words, people, etc) that don’t mean much. Something is either true or not, real or not ……… no time for SHENANIGANS.

But through scriptures I have come to realise that it is extremely possible that something SMALL can bring about something BIG; it may take faith, it may take courage, it may take other things, but it’s POSSIBLE.

How else would u explain; 5 loaves (and 2 fishes) feeding 5 thousand, how else would u explain 1 jar of oil, filling many jays of oil, how else would u explain, the entire world coming to buy from 1 man (Joseph – Gen 41:57) how else would you explain David (small) killing Goliath (big), how else would u explain Abraham (small), fathering a whole nation (big)

Let me further explain to u the possibility of small doing big.

I once heard Bishop Oyedepo say; not all men on the streets are individuals (I thought he meant some are spirits, etc). But he explains and says, some are 10 in 1, some are 1000 in 1 and some are Nations in 1.

So, I went to the bible to get clarity, and I found more light and ‘VIOLA’. There it was. God is in the business of using one man to make 10 differences – Daniel 1: 10 – the bible says that Daniel was 10 TIMES better than all.
In Deut 32:30, the bible says, 1 (small) would chase 1,000 (BIG)
In Deut 32:30 it also says 2 (small) would chase 10,000 (BIG) that is more like saying 1 shall chase 5,000.

I’m sure there are some people here, we are saying, they don’t have enough staffs, or u are a single parent, or u are probably very limited by the number of resources u have. Well now u can see that ur smallness of 1 is as strong as a result of 10 and more, even up to 5,000.

But it still gets interesting. When God meets Abraham, he doesn’t say he would chase 10, or defeat 1,000 or would be as great as 10,000. He says he would be A NATION -Gen 12:2 (this has no defined number, it is as far as ur eyes can see).
God says the same thing again to Jacob and Esau (Gen 25:23)
It’s amazing how God can look at 1 man or woman (small) and call him / her A NATION (big)

What God is saying here is this. With you, I would change the world.
If God is in the business of using small things to make a BIG difference. We need to know how he does it, and what parameters sound that act.

1) Faith, everyone in scriptures who was able to move mountains, 100 times bigger than themselves, first did it with faith. David had faith (and others Hebrew 11:33). Most people don’t believe that with the little they have they can move mountains. Look at what Jesus said (Matt 17:20). If you have faith as SMALL (he even specified, the size) as a mustard seed you can move mountains. David used a stone (small) to bring down Goliath. Moses uses a rod (small) to bring water out of the rock.

It may be small, but if it is with faith, it can move mountains

You must be courageous to do the impossible. In 2 Kings 4. Elisha told the woman that had nothing (except 1 pot of oil) to go and borrow many pots and start to fill the many from one. It looked like she was mad. It might have even looked shameful. But she did it and it yielded result.
I believe someone here needs to be courageous tonight and take a step of faith toward God’s purpose for ur life. Your resources may be small like 1 jar of oil. But make a (right) move

Let’s leave it here for now

Strategies are different from principles. Principles are who you are (a person of faith and courage). Strategies are what you do to make your principles have result

1) Team work / Networking; The quickest was to make something small do something big, is to have many of the small thing. A grain of sand has no weight, but when many grans are together, it has the power to burry anything on the earth. Pr 27:17 – Iron sharpens Iron; no matter how blunt two irons are, when they come together to sharpen, they become sharp

What I’m basically saying is that, if you think you are not strong enough, get connect to someone, build a team, a network and then things would work

There is no car that is carved out of one piece, they are all made up of many small pieces, sometimes a TOYOTA car is made from 30,000 parts. Team work or network, is the first and basic way of anything that is small to get a big accomplishment.

2) Knowledge; Everything that grows, grows by knowledge. There is no poor knowledge driven country, and there is not rich ignorant country (wealth is a function of knowledge pr24:4). Knowledge is simple the state of knowing the right thing to do (while wisdom is the state of doing the right thing you know; ‘he that hears this saying of mine and DOES it, I would liken to a WISE man’ – Jesus Matther7:24).
There are too many ignorant people, trying to do great things (e no go work, seriously).

David was young and not as experienced as Goliath (for thou art but a youth, and he a man of war from his youth – 1 Sam 17:33). But DAVID had his own skill and knowledge – 1 Sam 17:39 – 40 (And he took his staff in his hand, and chose him five smooth stones). You must have your own knowledge and skill
Let’s also stop here

Some other nuggets

LITTLE DROPS OF WATER MAKES A MIGHT OCEAN. Even the rain that creates mighty rivers and seas, are a function of little drops. You have to start small (small is subjective to definition. Small can take different measurements)

My question to you today is, what little drops are u making today, that will one day, make u a mighty ocean? Little (consistent) drops of water makes a might ocean

Femi Taiwo (founding director of H.O.P.E foundation) always told us about the power of one degree change. If you measure one degree from a protractor, and you are consistent on that line, you would realise that that consistency would create a big different at the end of your measurement (sorry for the complicated English, pls let me know if u don’t understand)

I guess the summary of all is these.
God’s formula of making a BIG difference is through a small way (matt 7: 14 – But small is the way that leads to heaven), and also this takes principles and strategies.

You have to be consistent to see a change