Lets hear from the boss herself, Laju Iren

Have You Eaten? Every time I mention the name of our organization, the response I get
is ‘I haven’t eaten o!’ More often than not, it’s someone responding jokingly to the
seemingly strange name that has defined the purpose for our existence since inception
in 2008. However, despite the friendly banter over the name, the truth remains that
hunger is a dreadful reality across the world, killing one child every fifteen seconds.

In our country alone, about 60 percent of people live below poverty line. One in three
children are not likely to eat properly every day. Because we know that little drops of
water make an ocean, we are undeterred in our efforts to reduce hunger across the

Beyond food for the belly, our hearts reach out to dying souls; in the scheme of
eternity, hunger pangs are only a minor inconvenience. Ask the rich man and
Lazarus. Our call would remain incomplete if we send people to the wrong eternal
destination on a full stomach. We want them to know the saving power of our
Lord and saviour Jesus Christ.

... we really do hope you have eaten!



I joined this HUE in 2010 i guess ... I was in my final year

I always know Laju since 100L and when she started HUE in 200 L.

I was initially made to lead Alimosho outreached but the structure wasn't fit for that time.

Now I lead projects and outreaches from time to time and decided by the organisation

I'm a volunteer and executing HUE programs gives me the opportunity to reach grass root people in the society.

Though we are thinking of innovative and sustainable way for us to address and fight hunger ... by God's grace we shall achieve it

.. by the way, hope you have eaten