A Nigerian resolve and a new sense of HOPE … #EndSars

A taste of hope. Revolution at last

Then a taste of disappointment. Which kain thing be dis?

A quick summary of my initial thought and feelings from the 2020 #EndSars protest

As I reminisce on the past few weeks of the #EndSars protest

My mind, spirit and body were filled with euphoria during the heat of the action

Never before have I seen what I saw, heard what I heard and felt what I felt

For the first time in a long or no time, we were Nigerians

We stood for one cause

No difference in tribes, religions, cultures, genders … just one people, one country and one nation, in unity for one goal

A new identity of Nigerian(ness) was revealed to me

We sang songs of hope together, defended one another, gave together and prayed together

… It indeed felt like there was solidarity, a revolution and it gave hope that we were at the break of a new dawn …

All these until the gunshots led to a bleeding flag and just when you thought the government would respond in empathy … we got a broken heart

The feelings change in a couple of hours

Feelings of fear for the future, failure as a youth, distrust in the leadership and a deep sense of hopelessness

Could it be this? 

Could we be done for good as a country? 

Should we pack our bags and leave because the leaders have refused to leave?

I must say, there was a deep feeling of fear and hopelessness

But then, there was a second thought… I think we would win, and I think I know how we can

“For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction” – Isaac Newton

The wrong action towards us is creating a chain reaction in our minds and hearts

Now we see the light, that there is hope, not in them, but in us

That there is truth, not in them, but in us

That there is love, not in them, but in us

That this event has revealed the love we have for one another;

The resolve to stand in the face of danger and to solve our problems

We would use this new found light to prepare

Prepare quietly, build our muscles, strengthen our resolve, sharpen our mind, ignite our spirit, work hard and when it’s time – we strike

This Maserati video explains it all (please click the link below)

We wait until they get sleepy

We wait until they get so big they can barely move

Then we walk out of the shadows

Quietly walk out of the dark, and then, we STRIKE

Peace and Unity

To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign. 

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