H.O.P.E ( an acronym for Helping Other People Excel) is a community development initiative of the Covenant University Alumni Association (CUALA). Our desire to help other people excel stems from our understanding that we have been called to serve as change agents in our world. We are propelled by the understanding that development takes a community effort, and that if there is going to be any change in our world, then it is going to be up to us.
We have gone on to organize a Summer Leadership camp every year since then as well as run training programs across several schools and gatherings-  drawing teenagers from several states and backgrounds across the country- increasing our scope each year.
As we look on to the years ahead, we remain steadfast in the pursuit of our vision to influence social change on a global stage. We are resolute that we and many others out there are the salt of the earth, and if we do not deploy ourselves, tomorrow will be tasteless without us!


At HOPE foundation I function as a volunteer, to lead as the deputy director operations.

Going down memory lane; I joined this organisation in 2012 while doing my NYSC. It was a start up, so I got to function in several roles in moving the organisation towards her goal. Femi Taiwo lead, Tobi assisted and I was there as a foot soldier in getting the job done.