POEMS of a new dawn! #EndSars

Despite the reality, this I believe

A sense of HOPE

I believe leaders are arising and some have risen

I believe faith has come and more hope is coming

I believe the blind are seeing and the deaf have heard

I believe the weak are strengthening and the timing are toughening

I believe the wishers are planning and the dull are sharpening

I believe the lazy are working and the doubters believing

I believe fire has been kindled and many have been rekindled

I believe soon, very soon, the change would come

Because the (change) makers have vexed, and have chosen to act

I believe soon, very soon ‘pepper go rest’ and we would strike

When we strike we would win because we have prepared, organised and planned

I believe #ThisIsIt, lets #MakeItCount


Yes, they lied to us

Yes, they spat at us

Yes, they shot at us

Yes, they betrayed us

They dishonoured the anthem we sang

And trashed the flag

But Odeshi, we no go gree

With the blood on the flag

New heroes have risen

New leaders are rising

A different breed of people

Built in unity

Strengthened in hope

Cast down but not destroyed

Odeshi, kolewerk

We ain’t backing down

We strengthen the feeble knees

Now we retreat but never surrendered

For we go to prepare, rethink so we can re-act

Peace and Unity

To build a nation where peace and justice shall reign. 

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