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The best way to know about Softcom is to hear directly from them. Below is a direct message from Yomi; the CEO

About 8 years ago, a friend’s brother needed help with a business hitch. My idea of solving that issue with what little tech was available back then is who Softcom has become today.

Softcom is a group of professionals whose overarching goal is to add value. For 3 years, we have supported organisations in their quest for impact and growth using Technology.

From MTN, to the Federal Government of Nigeria, Softcom has delivered end-to-end technology solutions enabling business and social impact.

Our Labs is engineering new apps to improve learning, living and working in Sub-Saharan Africa

- This is where I work, read below for what I do there


My experience at Softcom is a journey across 3 departments/functions (doubling multiple roles)

Performance (2016 - present)

  1. Strategy development: worked directly with the CEO and COO in setting the organisational goals and KPIs as well as working with the senior and middle management in implementing various change management initiative.
  2. Tracking/measuring: Developed strategic KPIs and tracking model across the three business focus areas: people, product and customer goals. Also co-implemented an OKR framework with People & Culture to further drive alignment of business goals and employees performance.
  3. Data and business analysis: Using Excel and PowerBi, I created an interactive monthly business performance dashboard for the group that provided actionable insights across the entire product portfolio. This aided the business decisions taken for each product across the group, driving revenue, operational efficiency and effectiveness and mitigating potentials risks

This was done across our entire product portfolio: Eyowo (FinTech), Databeaver (Data), PassID (Identity) and KOYA (EduTech)

Process (2016 - 2019)

  1. ISO: Lead the ISO 9001:2015 quality management system certification project
  2. SOPs: Conducted process audit for improvement and standardisation across departments.
  3. Lead the internal team (with our engineers) in developing an (MVP) internal business automation tool to improve the efficiency of our process across the organisation. This was called LEAP (Lean Engine for Augmented Performance).

People (2016 - 2018)

  1. Working with the CEO, designed a lean and agile company structure that supported the business goals, values and culture of the organization.


Internal project: Project lead, Helpnow (2020)

Lead the team in implementing this  CSR project. This was our corporate response to the lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. This initiative engaged over 20 partners, 433 donors donating over Over $30,000 to 2,425 beneficiaries (https://helpnow.ng/)

... no easy talk bro, but as I said; having fun doing great things

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