How I spent my last holiday

have you eaten

I remember writing this essay in primary school and scoring low grades because my holidays were always dry (like sahara …lol) ; washing plate, cutting grass, …(and some other shenanigans ‘yuke’), playing football all day (this part wasn’t dry but ‘dope’??) – story for another day.

>>> fast forward. For this holiday I got to spend a significant period with my family @haveyoueatenng.

We visited FAVID orphanage (for children with special needs). Their mental disability showed their smiling ability (check our that cute smile ).

Our mission was one; SHOW LOVE.

We left there with one mission; to return with more LOVE; to donate to them a motorcycle (some call it okada  ).

They need to find a way to transport welfare materials from town to their home.

A bus would be more appropriate, but let’s start where our power reach? .

FAVID needs a motorcycle, let’s do this for FAVID

Join me in writing a LOVE story, join me in donating to FAVID, join me in putting FAVID ON WHEELS

Make a donation today …DM me if u want to put David on wheels …
…. now my essays would …. Lolol

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