Where is my change

“Conductor, abeg give me my change, where is my change?”.

I sat in the Danfo bus listening to so many echoes of the same sentence. It wasn’t an unfamiliar sound. I hear this same change request every time, and sometimes, I am even one of the requesters. Once, I had witnessed a fight where the passenger and the Conductor exchanged abusive words and soon got into a physical altercation because of change.

Passers-by were quick to interrupt their fight, and I kid you not, this fight was for a 50 naira change. Wow! Well, the passenger ended up collecting his well-deserved 50 naira change from the Conductor, and everyone was happy.

While I would not like to overlook the essence of a 50 naira note in changing the life of a person, I cannot but ponder on how much we keep fighting for the wrong change. There are more important things to fight for that can rid the Conductor’s chances of not giving you your change in the bus like; how you can fight to change the transportation system or fight for the transformation of the roads or maybe even how so many public resources can be maintained or yes, fight for how we can use our resources to transform the nation, Nigeria. What about the level of corruption in the country, is that not something you can fight to change?

But beyond all these many changes, we can fight for a change that begins with us; a change that we can influence in our little way. Like changing how we dump refuse on the road or changing how we treat people or even changing how we do things on our job. Remember that to begin a revolutionary movement takes just one man. Start the revolution today.

Seeing my fellow Lagosians / Nigerians fight for their 50 naira change on the street with so much passion and defence for their dignity (U no fit cheat me, give me my change oga) showed me that we have fighters in Nigeria, they just need the right leadership to direct them to the right change to fit for

And yes, the conductors should stop hoarding our changes too.

Like the first line of the national anthem says “Arise, O Compatriots.” Let’s arise! The change starts with us.

Happy Independence Day.


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